Fassi Group S.p.A. - crane without compromise

Fassi Group

The Fassi Group at present consists of 6 independent companies located in the Lombardy and Emilia- Romagna regions. The companies are entirely dedicated to the construction and marketing of truck cranes. The 13 autonomous units all together cover an area of 178.000 m2, 66.000 m2 of which indoor, for a total of 450 employees.

World-wide presence

Throughout the world, Fassi dealers stand out for their competence and are recognised as specialists in the lifting sector, thanks to workshops that are organised to offer the best possible set-ups as well as full servicing. This organisation operates using technical working protocols that are the fruit of Fassi’s experience, and have been created to provide customers with a highly skilled service, thanks to Fassi’s dealer training schemes. The excellence of the sales and post-sales services that accompany Fassi hydraulic crane products is the essential link connecting the market to the valid solutions offered by Fassi dealers.

From idea to finished product: technology and efficiency

Each machining phase is completely performed within the production units forming the Fassi Group in compliance with the standards which make up the Factory Quality system. The welding process, qualified according to international standards, is entrusted to automated welding machines. The painting process is done by automatic and semi-automatic plants on dissembled crane parts. The process involves sandblasting, automatic phosphoric degreasing, rinsing, drying, primer, coats of enamel finish with an electrostatic gun and finally oven drying. The rigid tubing and fittings are galvanized. At the end of the production cycle, every crane is tested by means of load calibration and consequent sealing of the installed safety system.

Fassi knuckle boom cranes quality

Every phase of the entire production cycle from design to post-sale service, is regulated through written procedure in accordance with the Fassi Group Quality System employed and conforms with the UNl EN lSO 9001:2008 standard certified by the DNV international organization, Det Norske Veritas.